Don Waters, Jr.

Vice President,
John O'Connor

2nd Vice President,
Tom Scott

Leo McManus

John Moore
Standing Committee
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Financial Secretary
George Stegmaier

Recording Secretary,
Charles Dorsey

Jim McGovern

Patrick Harnett

Web Master
William Pribyl

The AOH in Baltimore is an active group. We are involved. Whatever you are looking for in your Irish heritage or your Irish future, you will find it with the help of your new brothers at AOH 5. Below is a list of committees or offices in which you can be active. Pick the committees you would like to work on. You will be contacted by the current chairman of the committee. 
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2016 Honorary Div. 5 Parade Marshal, Patrick Harnett
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Irish Anti Defamation Committee
Financial Committee
Social Committee
Marshal's Committee
Sentinel Committee
Chaplain Committee
Historian's Committee
Organizer/Membership Committee
Catholic Action Committee
Freedom for All Ireland Committee
Political Education Committee
Newsletter/Publicity Committee
Web Master's Facebook Committee
Fundraising Committee