The Town I Loved So Well
(Performed by The Dubliners)
Derry City, Ireland
A Sunny Sunday Stroll in March 2007
Arbour Hill Cemetery - 
Burial site of the leaders of the
1916 Easter Rising
Connolly's execution site
Kilmainhaim Gaol
Painting by Grace Gifford
in her cell at Kilmainham
Kilmainham Chapel where Grace Gifford and
Joseph Mary Plunkett were married
the night before he was executed
The Irish Shrine
Lemmon Street

Sunday, Bloody Sunday --- U2
Omagh --- The Donegal X-Press
A Gaelic Anti-war Song
Eric Bogle
a Scotsman living in Australia
(sung by
The Furey Brothers)
   And then there was RIVERDANCE

Eurovision Song Contest - 1994, Dublin
Riverdance - Welcome to Ireland
The Story of Grace
Memorial to "The Big Fellow"
Sam's Cross, Co. Cork,
last stop before Beal na Blath
Mixed Marriage
Irish Style
York Model
Achill Island - They forgot the center stripe!
Easter Rising - 1916
The Foggy Dew
Division 5 Members
Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien &
William Cardinal Keeler
The Burren, Co. Clare
Charlie Kerins
as always with
a smile, a story and a song
AOH 5 2009 Pool Party, Otterbein Swim Club
The Clancy Bros.
w/Tommy Makem
Johnson's Motor Car
William Bloat
March Medley
The Patriot Game
The Parting Glass
More from
Robbie O'Connell
Some Humor:
Dear Boss
Sr. Josephine
The Sad Beauty
The Oirish
take on
the US
Killary Harbour, Co. Mayo, Ireland's Only Fjord
The Fields of Athenry performed by Brendan Pelan
Part of the same group
in 2008!
A Fine Soft Day - March 15, 2009
This Outfit Can Get Wet Inside and Out at the Drop of a Pint!
   Some Rebel Stuff:
The Teddy Bear's Head 
The Wolfe Tones
Leaving Home Once More
O'Malley's March
Kilmainham Gaol
Hear the Wind Blow
Arranged, adapted and sung by Sinead Fahey (age 8)
Forty Shades of Green
by the guy who wrote it
The Blackthorn Bar
Draperstown, Co. Derry
Hide & Seek, Adare, Co. Limerick
Entrance to Newgrange, Co. Meath
Beara Peninsula, Co. Kerry
Nate & John Fixing The World OR
More Probably Discussing Their Next Pint
The Man From God Knows Where - Phil Coulter
Bryan Hannan with the hurley
presented by FFAI
State Convention
1908 - OC, MD
Dan Layden at
Arlington National Cemetery
Division 5's
Winter Home
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